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My debut as a book illustrator

When one of my photo clients hired me to illustrate her first children´s book, I eagerly took on the challenge. We had so much fun together with many sessions, editing photos together and shopping around for props and png files to add animals and other to each photo in the book.

Valorie Hergenreter has a passion for children with diabetes and wrote a book to help them deal better with the challenges. She has her book for sale on Amazon and the first batch of printed copies sold out within 3 weeks, and her ratings are stunning.

Please use this flier (please click to enlarge) to find out how you can get your hands on a copy. The book is mainly about diabetes type 1 in children, but helps any child with adversities to understand that they are special in spite of their challenges.

My very good friend Katherine Kotaw is writing a press release for the book, but for now you can read her review on Amazon while we are waiting. Katherine Kotaw is also a book writer to support women and children of domestic abuse by telling her own story of escaping it and go into hiding to save her and her girls´ lives. She is now an excellent content marketer and does a great job together with her daughters who are true artists and bloggers. I have personally bought 2 copies of her book "Quicksand", for me and one of my friends.

A link to her book is posted below;


Below is a link to their business; "We tell and sell your story".

Please check out photos from the book on my Facebook business page. I have pinned them to the top, and below is the link; thank you and please leave a comment below if you would be so kind to share your thoughts. We appreciate your cheer.